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Eden Hill Winery & Vineyards

Eden Hill Winery & Vineyards Our winery is located in Celina, Texas, just 30 minutes north of Dallas, and 20 minutes west of McKinney. We are open every Sunday, and would love to taste wine with you, your family and friends. All of the wines on our tasting list are made in Texas from fruit grown in the state. Eden Hill is also a working farm that harvests farm fresh fruits and vegetables. We do not use pesticides in the garden, and we try to be good stewards of the land by practicing sustainable farming methods. Our winery is run on 100% rainwater that is collected at our farm. Water is a precious resource in Texas, and we want to save the ground water for future generations.

From Dallas/Plano (Going North on Dallas Tollway). Go North on the North Dallas Tollway to Highway 380. Turn Right onto Highway 380. Turn Left onto Highway 289 (Preston Road). Go North on Highway 289 (Preston Road), through Celina, to RD 106. Turn Right onto RD 106. Go East on RD 106 to Eden Hill Lane. Turn Right onto Eden Hill Lane.

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4910 Eden hill Lane, Celina, TX, US, 75009 Email:
Phone: 214-850-4081 Web:
Fax: 972-382-8581
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  Blanc du Bois
We hand picked the finest Blanc du Bois (pronounced blawnk-doo-bwah) clusters from our vineyard to produce this crisp, clean, dry white wine. Our Blanc du Bois wine presents a delightfully complex nose of floral and fruit aromas and finishes with a crisp grapefruit flavor.
Chambourcin (pronounced Sham-boor-sin) is liquid "comfort food" well known for its easy-drinking quality and deep royal purple color. Our Chambourcin wine presents a fruity nose of blueberries and plums followed by rich french toast aromas. Flavors of blackberry and spices round out this dry wine. Unfiltered. Sediment is normal.
  Cynthiana ~ Tempranillo
Our blend of Cynthiana (Synth-ee-anna) and Tempranillo ( Temp-rah-nee-oh) is a luscious mix of two bold, full-bodied grapes. Tempranillo, the noble grape of Spain, and Cynthiana, the premiere native grape of America, come together to create a match made in the bottle. Our Cynthiana~Tempranillo wine presents a fruit-driven nose of black cherry, spicy strawberry and coffee aromas. Ripe flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, plum and chocolate round out this dry wine. Unfiltered. Sediment is normal.
  Garden Red
We blended Tempranillo, Chambourcin and Cynthiana grapes to create this delightful, semi~sweet red table wine. Our Garden Red presents aromas of vanilla, oak and toasted marshmellows. Flavors of berries, coffee and chocolate round out this light and easy~drinking red wine.


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