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Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery

Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery For over twenty years, owner Heinrich Grohe has been inviting customers into Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery. He encourages all to come and discover the hidden serenity located in St. James, Missouri. Born and raised in Germany’s Rhine Valley, Heinrich specializes in producing dry wines. Nearly all his wines are made from French hybrid and Native American grape varieties. Heinrichshaus wines have also won many gold, silver and bronze awards in several competitions. With this in mind, Heinrichshaus has great plans for the future. Closed on Wednesday and major holidays. Please call for exact hours.


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18500 State Route U, St. James, MO, US, 65559 Email:
Phone: 573-265-5000 Web:
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Like Poseidon, this is a mighty wine. It is a French hybrid varietal, medium bodied, spicy, dry, and aged in oak. Its dark, ruby color is reminiscent of the lovely Aegean Sea at sunset.
When this grape was growing, Apollo rode his Sun Chariot just the right amount of times so it could be made into this lovely and fragrant white wine, the color of which is comparable to the sun itself. It is a semi-dry blend of flavors. Very pleasant.
WThis deep garnet colored, dry, classic Missouri wine is robust, full-bodied, and rich in flavor. This wine is also aged in oak, and lends itself perfectly to meats and specialty dishes.
  Prairie Blanc
Demeter Brought us a good harvest for this wine. This pale gold, light bodied, dry white wine is a blend of variety of Missouri wines.
  Vidal Blanc
Like Dionysos, this is a young and lively white wine. It has a delightful fruity flavor with good sugar-acid balance plus a crisp finish.
This wine evokes an image of Artemis, the sweet sister of Apollo, as she leisurely walks through a sylvan glade with her bow and arrow on a summer day. This is a delightful little semi-sweet, white wine, with good balance, that compliments an afternoon spent with friends on the terrace.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Heinrichshaus' small winery proprietor insists that Cynthiana grapes were a sport of Norton grapes and his wines are "true" Cynthiana. He'll even show you the pictured differences between the growing habits of the grape clusters. Supposedly there is not any controversy about the Cynthiana/Norton grape any more, . . . . . . . . . . or is it? In any case, this one man (and a good woman behind him) operation clicks and provides a superior Missouri Norton and other red and white wines at incredible prices. You may get lost trying to find the little sign to this location, but you will be glad you made the effort. Out of so far 67 visited Norton vineyards, this stands as one of the top five in our list of Norton successes.