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Beachaven Vineyards

Beachaven Vineyards Welcome to Beachaven Vineyards & Winery. Our wines have been critically acclaimed for quality, variety, and consistency. We believe that this is a result of responsible stewardship of our vineyards, grape-grower relationships, commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and old world know-how!

I-24, Exit 4, Clarksville; Turn Right at the BP Station onto Alfred Thun Rd. Go to end of Alfred Thun Rd. Turn right into the driveway.

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1100 Dunlop Lane, Clarksville, TN, US, 37040 Email:
Phone: 931-645-8867 Web:
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  Barrelhead Red
A great everyday red made from Chambourcin grapes. Medium body with blackberry, black cherry and vanilla oak type flavors. Less than 1 % sweetness.
  Barrister's Red Muscadine
A very sweet red dessert wine made from "black" Muscadine grapes native to the southeast. It has a truly unique, rich flavor. A red wine for the "white" muscadine fan. Gold Medal - Florida State Fair International 2006
  Barrister's White Muscadine
A very sweet white dessert wine made from golden Muscadine grapes native to the southeast. It has a truly unique, spicy perfume-like aroma and flavor. 8% sweetness.
  Blackberry 2003
A deliciously sweet dessert wine made from juicy blackberries. Serve well chilled. Very sweet with about 10% sweetness.
  Budbreak Blush
A classic, fruity, semi-dry blush. This is a great wine to have on a picnic or anytime! It is about 2 ½ % sweet. Bronze Medal - Indy International 2005
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A classic, full-bodied Cabernet with blackberry, plum and vanilla oak flavors. Aged 24 months in premium American oak wine barrels.
Pear, apple, and smoky oak aromas give way to star fruit and apple pie flavors. Fermented in French oak wine barrels.
  Classic White
Made from Vidal Blanc, very much like Pinot Grigio. Lemony and crisp, excellent with seafood.
  Cumberland White
A very fruity, sweet white dessert wine made from Niagara grapes. Our most popular white wine with 8% sweetness.
This 2008 locally grown wine is our newest signature product. It is medium bodied & boasts dried cherry & berry flavors. Silver Medal - Florida State Fair International 2010 & International Eastern Wine Competition
  Golden Rose
A sweet, red wine made from Concord grapes. This is our most popular sweet wine with 9 % sweetness. Serve well chilled.
  Grand Cuvée Blanc de Blanc Non-Vintage
A refreshing, semi-dry French-style champagne with a floral aroma and a light, fruity finish.
  Grand Cuvée Brut Non-Vintage
A crisp, clean, very dry classic French-style champagne. This is the one mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today in 2002! Silver Medal - Wines of the South 2003
A delightful blend of Riesling and black cherry flavors. A wonderful rose colored blend with 6 % sweetness.
  Heavenly Peach
A sweet wine for Peach lovers! Sweet natural peach flavors and crisp white wine combine for a luscious treat with 8.5% sweetness. Silver Medal - Indy International 2005
Apricot aroma gives way to honeysuckle, apricot and honey type flavors. Excellent sweet German-style white with 4 % sweetness. Silver Medal - Indy International 2005
A fruity white blend with an array of juicy fruit basket flavors. A consistent medal winner with 2 % sweetness. Bronze Medal - Indy International 2005
  Merlot 2003
Rich with black cherry, blackberry, roasted coffee, and smoky oak accents. Aged 18 months in premium American oak wine barrels. Silver Medal - Indy International 2004
Citrus and honey aromas lead into green apple, lemon, and nectarine flavors. Off-dry like a German Rhine wine. Rich and Flavorful! Excellent with spicy cuisine! Silver Medal - Indy International 2005
This is a thick, rich sweet red wine made from late harvest Syrah. Very Port wine like, it taste's like a dark red version of "ice wine". Very sweet with about 9.5% residual sugar.
rich, flavorful wine with hints of plum, raisins, clove and chocolate. Aged for 12 months in premium American and French oak wine barrels.
A versatile, refreshingly soft dark red wine. A blend of seven red wine-grape varieties with a grapey-cherry flavor
  Tennessee Chardonnay
This limited edition Chardonnay is grown entirely in the fertile hills of middle Tennessee. Fermented in oak barrels, this wine has rich French vanilla and caramel overtones. Note the crisp, clean finish. Serve chilled with your favorite Southern foods! Silver Medal-Wines of the South 2009
Made from the once obscure, now very fashionable French grape Viognier (pronounced Vee - Own - Yay). This wine has an apricot bouquet that leads into grapefuit and honeysuckle flavors. Very enjoyable - like halfway between a Chardonnay and a Riesling.


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