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Stone Pillar Vineyard

Stone Pillar Vineyard Stone Pillar Vineyard & Winery is a small family owned and operated farm winery. In 1864 Fredrick Hoff purchased our farm, and was the pioneer in Johnson County for lager beer production. Having endured many hard times our family has maintained our farm and commitment to agriculture. The fifth generation of Hoff farmers George, Frank, & Thomas Jr. are proud to offer a quality Kansas prod uct to all wine lovers.

Located in Olathe, KS 1 mile south of K-10 on Woodland Road, or 2 miles east of K-7 on College Blvd.

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11000 S Woodland Rd, Olathe, KS, US, 66061 Email:
Phone: 913-839-2185 Web:
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Developed by Joannes Syve in the 1860's this hybrid grape has only been available since 1963 for production. Our Chambourcin is a berry fruit forward, complex dry red aged in oak with a slight eathiness. Pairs well with beef, pasta, and gamey meats. Serve 60° - 65°F. Cheers!
The Concord grape was developed in 1849 by Epharaim Wales Bull in Concord Massachusetts. Being a table grape species did not stop us to make a sweet refreshing red wine. True to the grape full of juicy flavor and aroma. Pairs well with tarts, poultry and seafood. Serve chilled for summer 45°- 50°F. Cheers!
Released in 1985 by Cornell University the Melody hybrid grape was the third variety released for wine production. Our Melody is a semi-sweet white with honeydew melon aromas and a slightly tangy finish. Pairs with spicy & asain foods. Serve this nice wine chilled at 45°- 50°F Cheers!
Norton also known as Cynthiana, is a wine with an intense blackberry aroma along with a smooth cherry full body taste and hazelnut undertones with a slight tart finish. Pairs well with steaks, lamb, grilled salmon and Bleu cheese
  Prairie Fire
Grown with pride on our estate atop our hillside vineyard. Carbenet Sauvignon is a difficult wine to sustain in the extreme Kansas weather. We hand tend our vines and keep production low and insure varietal characteristics. Enjoy with steak, BBQ, or all by itself. A medium bodied red wine; rich with black currant aroma and a lingering tannic finish.
  Redneck Rose
One late spring day George & Frank Hoff were checking on corn and bean crops when they came across a family of turkeys crossing the road. George said let's get one, so they pulled over and did so. Not knowing what to do with the bird George convinced his Uncle Tom it would fit in with his collection of chicken, he decided to call it Jake. Aunt Marcy provided Jake with much needed nuturing before returning outside at his new home. Redneck Rose is a light sweet wine great for pairing with BBQ and spicy food!
Riesling is one of the best known grapes the world over, and most famous for its production in Germany. Though difficult to sustain in Kansas we grow a lush semi-sweet wine, full of pineapple aroma, and round mouthfeel on the hillside of our state. Pairs well with spicy dishes. Cheers!
Named for it's creator Bertille Seyve, the Seyval Blanc hybrid grape was developed in France. It is a smooth fruity off-dry white, containing aromas of apples & citrus with a slight minerality in the finish. A great choice for poultry and seafood entrees. Cheers!
Created by J.F. Ravat, Vignoles grapes produce many styles of wine ranging from dry to sweet. Our Vignoles is a sweet wine right with peach aroma, honey undertones, and a slightly acidic finish. Enjoy with spicy foods & dessert. Serve chilled at 45°- 50°F Cheers!


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