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Van Till Family Farm Winery

Van Till Family Farm Winery Our vineyard is planted to a total of seven defferent French American Hybrids which are ideally suited to make wonderful wines from our Missouri hills. We look forward to creating unique varietal wines from a sweet Concord to a dry Chambourcin or Norton, and in between with Chardonel, Niagra, Edelweiss and Vignoles. We are also hard at work creating some wonderful wine jellies!


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13986 Hwy C, Rayville, MO, US, 64084 Email:
Phone: 816-776-2720 Web:
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One of our favorites, a dry red wine with intense flavor and color. Oaked for depth of flavor. Chambourcin is a wonderful complement to your barbecued pork and grilled dishes.
From the Chardonnay family, this robust Chardonel is crisp with elements of pear and apple, aged with light oak to create a full bodied dry white wine.
Missouri's showcase grape creates a full bodied dry red wine. Rich in fruit flavors with spicy earth tones and light tannins.
  Sweet Red
With heavy reliance on Concord grapes our sweet red tantalizes the palate as fresh ripe fruit with raspberry and cherry aromas. Serve chilled or room temperature.
  Sweet White
The ever popular sweet white wine; a dash of muscat honeysuckle, with hints of honeydew melons and luscious tropical fruit highlights. Perfect for sipping or with dessert.
Citrus, melon and flower bouquets highlight this naturally semi sweet favorite. It represents the high quality and style Missouri's Vignoles is known for. Excellent for cocktail parties, dinner or dessert.


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