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Twin Brook Winery

Twin Brook Winery The Property of forty acres was once the centerpiece of a large tract of land granted to the Religious Society of Friends nearly 300 years ago by William Penn's brother. More recently, Twin Brook was a dairy farm. In 1989, it became a modern winery. The Grapevines were first planted in 1985. Since then, the vineyard, which began with four acres, has grown to 30 acres, approximately two thirds classic European vinifera and the remainder French hybrid vines. Row upon row of trellised vines can be seen from the winery's two spacious decks. The Wines are made with utmost care and attention to detail. All phases of winemaking, from harvesting, crushing and fermentation to barrel aging and bottling, take place on the premises in facilities you can see during your visit.


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5697 Strasburg Road, Gap, PA, US, 17527 Email:
Phone: 717-442-4915 Web:
Fax: 717-442-8669
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  Blossom Blush
sweet, fruity, medium-bodied blush with hints of apple and pineapple, soon to be released
  Cabernet Franc
barrel aged, slightly tannic, medium bodied red with hints of cherry & vanilla
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon with the spiciness of black pepper aged in small oak barrels to perfection. Medium bodied with soft tannins, this wine pairs well with flavorful and fatty foods.
crisp apple aromas and pleasing semi-dry finish
  Chambourcin Reserve
barrel aged blend of the 2005 & 2006 Chambourcin vintages; oaky, heavier bodied red
an intense red with deep color and a complex bouquet of chocolate, roasted coffee and black cherries; oak aging softens its character and adds smoky overtones.
Estate grown, unoaked Chardonnary; rich with hints of ripe pear; buttery flavors in the mid-palate and then a slightly citrus finish.
  Clocktower White
made from the Gewurtztraminer hybrid, Traminette, sweet with hints of ripe peach
oaky off-dry red wine that everyone adores.
PA Sparkling Wine; Natural (dry), Methode Champenoise, 100% Chardonnay International Eastern Gold Medal Winner
  Icebreaker Blush
off-dry, fruity, medium-bodied blush
Limited edition, medium bodied, ruby red wine with hints of cherry and light oak
  Mount Vernon Chardonnay Reserve
Butterscotch and toast from oak aging make this medium-bodied wine an excellent choice for traditional style chardonnay drinkers
  Octorara Red
sweeter, full bodied, Burgundy style red with hints of cherry
  Octorara Rosé
The 2008 Cabernets were produced through the technique of Saignée or bleeding vats, then blended with the 2007 Cabernets to produce a light bodied, slightly tannic, rosé wine.
  Pinot Grigio
dry, no-oak medium bodied wine; rich, elegant and complex with citrus fruit flavors
  Pinot Gris
Alsatian style white wine; full bodied; rich with hints of ripe pear and anise.
  Spice Wine
a sweet red blended with just the right amount of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg
  Springhouse Red
black raspberry flavors dominate this sweet, fruity red made primarily from Norton, a Native American grape
  Springhouse White
sweet and fruity, made from the Niagara grape
  Strasburger Red
sweet, fruity red, with hints of strawberry
  Vidal Blanc
a semi-sweet, floral wine with melon flavors.
  Vidal Reserve
sweet wine with ripe fruit flavors, a great dessert wine.
sweet, but crisp, medium-bodied white; rich tropical fruit flavors in perfect balance with the natural acidity of the grape


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