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Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery

Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery Welcome to the Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery. Located in the heart of the Yadkin Valley along the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this fertile, sun-soaked landscape is the perfect place for our grapes to grow unadulterated. Organically raised and handpicked, our variety of muscadines and hybrid and American grapes produce naturally delicious wines for your table.


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170 Heritage Vines Way, Elkin, NC, US, 28621 Email:
Phone: 336-366-3301 Web:
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Semi-sweet white wine made from Carlos (muscadinia) Grapes -native to North Carolina. Great “sipping” wine to serve with appetizers and finger foods. Alcohol: 11.6%. Residual Sugar: 1.5%.
Chambourcin Dry red wine made from Chambourcin (French-American hybrid) grapes of French Siebel hybrid and native American parentage. Smooth red wine, very rich in color and mild tannins. Great with cheeses and red meats. Alcohol: 12.3%.
  Chambourcin-Cynthiana Blend
Dry red wine made from a blend of Chambourcin (French-American hybrid) and Cynthiana/Norton (native American) grapes. Rich red dry wine with a fruity, nutty taste. Excellent with cheeses, red meats and chocolates! Alcohol: 12.5%.
Semi-sweet red wine made from Noble (muscadinia) Grapes, native to North Carolina. Light red color and distinct Noble sangria-like taste. Excellent alone or served with appetizers or finger foods. Alcohol: 13%. Residual Sugar: 1.5%.


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