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Wills Creek Winery

Wills Creek Winery My name is Janie and I am the vineyard master. We planted our fist trial grapes in the backyard but soon discovered that neither Niagara nor Catawba and other American hybrids did well in the Alabama soil. The muscadines however grew healthy and enchanted us with their resilliency to the summer heat. Soon we expanded our vineyard to the top of the hill and we started planting only muscadines. The first fruits were sweet and we knew that by the following weekend they would be delicious, only to discover that the racoons had also found them out. Not to despair we said. " We will plant more than they can eat " and we did. Thus with four acres, we were in the business.

From I-59 driving North - Exit 188 Turn Left over I-59 (opposite Noccallula) then you have two choices at the 4 way stop: 1) Go straight up and curve, down the hill then turn right at the T. on Highway 227 Drive NE for 4 miles. We are on the right after Duck Springs school. 2) Turn right on Hwy 11 and drive for 6 miles. Turn left on Stephens Gap between mile markers 203 and 204 to cross the hill. Turn Left at the T (Hwy 227). We are on the left 1/3 mile.

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10522 Duck Springs, Attalla, AL, US, 35954 Email:
Phone: 256-538-5452 Web:
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  Autumn Blush
The Autumn Blush is a blend of the Scupperdyme and Ruby Red juices and is generally sweeter than the individual choices. It picks the best characteristics of both wines and is the favorite sweet wine choice of the winemaker.
  Black Spanish
Black Spanish is native to Texas where it has built up a natural resistance to the deadly Pierce's Disease. The taste of Lenoir wine is said to improve when the bottle is left uncorked.
Grape wine from Alabama grown Hybrid varietals. This grape is Pierce disease resistant. Norton's berry flavors pair well with grilled meats, smoked meat and wild game.
The Delisse is our "dessert" wine made from the sweetest hand picked muscadine berries and is available in small quantities during the holiday season. It is made to be appreciated as a sipping wine and has the most distinct muscadine taste
The Muscalot is a blend of red Muscadine and locally grown Merlot grapes. Blending the muscadines with the merlot gives us a very balanced acidity level with a unique taste and a distinct memory. It has no residual sugar.
  Red Muscadine
The Red Muscadine is made exclusively of Noble and Regal muscadines, has been fermented on the fruits, has gone through complete malolactic fermentation and is un-filtered. It is also dry with a very fruity taste that pleases many discriminate wine drinkers
  Ruby Red
The Ruby Red is a sweeter wine made from red muscadines fermented on the hulls. Its sweetness is a favorite of the southern customers who prefer it over the dry wines. Its deep color matches its name.
The Scupperdyme is made the "southern" way by fermenting white muscadines on the hulls and extracting the flowery taste of the scuppernongs, magnolia and carlos varieties. It is slightly darker than the sweet muscadine.
  Seyval Blanc
A white grape that makes a dry to semi-dry, clean, crisp medium-bodied wine with an herbal, fresh flavor similar to Chenin Blanc. Seyval pairs well with pork and Asian cuisines.
  Sweet Muscadine
The Sweet Muscadine is in great demand by wine drinkers who like their wine to be velvety sweet and smooth with excellent muscadine aroma. It is made exclusively from bronze muscadine juice and has a light golden color.
  White Muscadine
The White Muscadine is not sweet but pleases wine drinkers who like the dryer taste of wine and enjoy the fruit aroma with a long memory. It is made from Magnolia and Carlos muscadines and has a brilliant golden color.


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