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Baxter's Vineyards and Winery

Baxter's Vineyards and Winery Baxter's Winery, the oldest winery in Illinois, is family-owned and operated. Established in 1885, Baxter's Winery is located in historic Nauvoo and offers complementary wine tasting, gift baskets and gift boxes, tours, handcrafted gifts made by area craftsmen and specialty foods, including Carol's homemade pies and sweet breads and Nauvoo Blue Cheese. Hours: Mon-Sat: 9-5; Sun: 10-5

Located 11 blocks east of Highway 96 going thru Nauvoo State Park on Parley Street or 4 blocks south of Caseys on Highway 96 to the T, turn left or go east on Parley Street approximately 3 blocks.

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2210 E. Parley Street, Nauvoo, IL, US, 62354 Email:
Phone: 217-453-2528 Web:
Fax: 217-453-6600
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  Baxter's Bubbly
A lively, light bodied bubbling white wine, with hints of apricot, melon, & honeysuckle. Grape: Traminette & Vidal.
  Blackberry Norbie
A sweet red wine with ruch blackberry flavors and hints of plum. This wine has a smooth and fruitful experience. Grape: Conot Noir & Natural Blackberry
  Brenda's Blush Wine
A balanced, semi-sweet blended blush wine with a smooth fruit finish. Has similarities to a White Zinfandel. Grape: Frontenac Blanc & Corot Noir
  Captain's White Wine
A crisp, light, dry white wine with a hint of vanilla and tanginess like fresh lemons. Grape: Swenson White, Noah, Frontenac Blanc
  Classic Catawba Wine
A zesty, semi-sweet wine made from citrus notes. Grape: Catawba
  Classic Concord Wine
A sweet fruity red wine that pops! A true American classic, just like Grandpa used to make. Grape: Concord
  Classic Niagara
A sweet fruity white wine, one of our customer favorites! Has similarities to a sweel Riesling or Moscato. Grapes: Niagara
  Classic Norton Wine
A heavy, dry red wine with a unique earthy flavor. Has similarities to a heavy Cabernet. Grape: Norton
  Cranberry Norbie
A sweet red wine with rich notes of berry. This medium bodied smooth wine has a tart finsih, bursting with cranberry! Grape: Corot Noir & Natural Cranberry
  Icarian Red Wine
A blended light semi-dry red wine. Fruit forward with earthy flavors. Grape: Concord & Delaware
  Icarian White Wine
A semi-dry white wine with a fresh fruit flavor and a hint of apricots. Has similarities to a drier Riesling. Grape: Vidal & Traminette
  Nauvoo Red Wine
A full bodied semi-dry wine with a nutty finish. Has similarities to a Pinot Noir. Grape: Corot Noir
  Peach Norbie
A sweet white wine with notes of honey and apricot. This light bodied wine has a lingering silky peach finish. Grape: Traminette, Vidal, & Natural Peach
  Riverbend Red Wine
A medium bodied dry red wine with soft tannins and a smooth finish. Grape: Chambourcin, Corot Noir, Norton, Noiret


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