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Riverwood Winery

Riverwood Winery Riverwood Winery is proud to be one of the newest additions to the Missouri wine family. The Winery is situated at the foot of the scenic Missouri River bluffs which were formed millions of years ago as glaciers moved into the area. The Winery's location offers visitors wonderful views of the surrounding riverbluff hills as they change from season to season and the adjacent agricultural fields as the crops grow, ripen and are harvested. Riverwood Winery is located approximately thirty-five miles north of Kansas City midway between the historic towns of Weston, Missouri and Atchison, Kansas, and approximately 2.5 miles north of Snow Creek Ski Area. The July 3, 1804 camp site of the Lewis and Clark expedition is located approximately one mile due west of the winery. The Winery provides tourists and visitors an opportunity to purchase fruit and grape wines and wine-related gifts and products. The Winery offers gourmet food items which complement our wines, such as cheeses and chocolates.

Directions from the Kansas City Area (from the South): Take I-29 N/ US-71 N heading towards the KCI Airport/St Joseph. Take the MO-273 exit/ Exit 20. Take a left at the exit ramp on Elm Grove Road and drive back over I-29. Turn right onto 273 to Weston. Stay on Hwy 273 to Hwy. 45. Turn right on 45 at the 4 way stop. Stay on 45 for approximately 10.5 miles. The Riverwood Winery will be on your left about 2.5 miles past Snow Creek ski area. Directions from the St Joseph Area (from the North): Take I-229 S/US – 59S. Take the US-59/6th Street exit to Atchison St. Continue to follow US-59 for approximately 17 miles. US-59 becomes MO-45/MO-273. Stay on MO-45/ MO-273 for another 5 miles and the Riverwood Winery will be on the right.

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22200 Highway 45 North, Platte County, MO, US, 64098 Email:
Phone: 816-579-9797 Web:
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  Buoyant Blackberry
Just picked flavor! This sweet blackberry wine made from Missouri grown fruit is a truly delicious wine. Juicy as gossip without the barbs. Like a compliment, just the thing to lift your spirits. Perfect to chill and sip. Great as a dessert wine as well.
  Dry Witty White – Chardonel Dry
Strikingly clever, utterly orginal! Barrel aged in a mixture of French and American barrels. Pairs perfectly with conversation. Dry Witty White: brilliantly understated and fondly recalled.
  Radiant Red – Chambourcin
Earthy, bold, spellbinding. Aged in American and French oak barrels. Fruity with hints of chocolate and complex spices. Bright and dry as a sunny day. Riverwood’s Radiant Red delivers a genuine smile and all the warmth that comes with it.
  Sweet Whimsy White – Traminette
Flows smoothly, Fits the moment. The nose of this wine offers sweet floral scents and hints of vanilla. Sweet Whimsy White is Riverwood’s answer to the call of a pleasant summer day. Shouldn’t life taste like this?
  Sweet-Tempered Red – Chambourcin
Lush as a sunset, Polished as a ruby. It has a wonderfully fragrant nose with hints of exotic fruits. Goes along with just about anything. Riverwood’s Sweet-Tempered Red is a great companion for the times you want to linger.
  The Blush of Innocence
A blend of Chambourcin, Norton, and Chardonel - Fresh as spring, Full of promise. This sweet blush wine has a fresh fruit aroma and rich berry notes. Makes every occasion a first. The Blush of Innocence is a rose’ to remember, for times you’ll never forget.
  Urbane Red – Norton
Elegant, not overbearing. This premium wine is aged in oak barrels. On the nose it develops aromas of spice with undertones of cherries. Full bodied with a complex finish. Dry and perfectly mannered. Riverwood’s Urbane Red is the toast of eclectic gatherings everywhere.


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