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Hollin Petit Verdot

Hollin Reserve Petit Verdot Wine Details
Price: $35.00 per bottle

Description: Chrysalis Vineyards grows over 20 different varieties of grapes. This provides a broad range of flavors and attributes to support our view that many of the finest wines of the world are the product of skillful blending. Occasionally, in outstanding years, one of these varieties will distinguish itself with such high quality and intense varietal expression that it warrants being presented on its own. This Petit Verdot, from our Hollin Vineyard, is one of these special bottlings. We are proud to offer this distinctive wine, which exemplifies the full potential that this traditional Bordeaux variety can attain.

Varietal Definition
Petit Verdot:
Petite Verdot is one of the five noble Bordeaux varietals, essentially acting as the nuts and bolts in most Bordeaux blends. With intense color and racy flavors, this wine possesses elements of pencil shavings, dark fruit presentation and a subtle complexity, which can be appreciated by even the most discerning palate.


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