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Chambourcin Wine Details

Description: The predominant red grape we grow is the Chambourcin grape. Chambourcin is a vigorous French-American hybrid grape that is very well suited to our climate. Grapes grown east of the Rockies must be able to survive late spring frosts, various mildews and shortened growing seasons. Chambourcin needs a longer growing season than some French-American hybrids and will produce a highly rated red wine when the fruit is fully matured. We plan to offer Chambourcin as a stand alone single varietal red wine, a nice dry semi-sweet blush wine, and blended wines with our other red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton. We have Chambourcin planted in the Creekside and New Ground vineyards at Pop's Walk, and also at the Odom Farm vineyard. Each location will offer it's distinct quality to the wine.

Varietal Definition
A french-american hybrid used to make red wines with fruity flavors and some herbaceousness. Grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada. Decreasing acreages also found in Europe; due to stringent European Union rules these varieties cannot be blended with traditional varieties.


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