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Wild Bush Farm + Vineyard

Wild Bush Farm + Vineyard Welcome to Wild Bush Farm + Vineyard, previously Pontchartrain Vineyards. Southeast Louisiana’s premiere vineyard and winery, Pontchartrain Vineyards, has been purchased by Neil Gernon and Monica Bourgeois of Wild Bush Farm + Vineyard. Monica and Neil have extensive history in the Louisiana wine market, dating back to their starts within the New Orleans restaurant arena, before moving on to retail wine management, then wine distribution, before starting their first wine company out of California, Vending Machine Wines.

From New Orleans: cross the Causeway stay on Hwy. 190 West towards Covington. From Baton Rouge, Hammond, Slidell...on I-12: take exit 63-B north towards Covington stay on Hwy. 190 West.

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81250 Old Military Road, Bush, LA, US, 70431 Email:
Phone: 985-892-9742 Web:
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  Creole Blanc
2003 - Pontchartrain Cuvée Viognier (94.6%) Blanc Du Bois 5.4% Released November 27, 2004. Our traditional “Creole” white wine, produced in a rich, full bodied, complex style, based primarily on the Viognier grape with a touch of Blanc Du Bois added. Think Galatoire’s (Creole French) cuisine when contemplating this wine. Extensive lees contact and barrel fermentation and aging in American oak of approximately 1/2 of the cuvée are key elements in the style presented here. A graceful, elegant, yet powerful wine that easily stands alone but is also ready to take on really rich food. Tasting notes: Appearance: Light yellow gold color. Aroma: Tropical fruit, perfume-like floral mixed with layers of vanilla, caramel and wood and hints of pear and peach. Taste: Rich, mouth filling tastes that were anticipated by and in harmony with the aromas. There is a decidedly feminine aspect to this wine which is marked by extremely fine textures. The wine has excellent overall balance and a medium long finish.
  Criolla Rosso
Cabernet Sauvignon. A full-bodied red wine, showing diverse characteristics. Reminiscent of cassis
  Criolla Rosso
Cabernet Sauvignon. A full-bodied red wine, showing diverse characteristics. Reminiscent of cassis
  Criolla Rosso Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon. Eight barrels were selected in the summer of 1999 for special further handling. The lots were blended together, fined with egg whites then returned to all new American Oak barrels for an additional 6 months in barrel. The wine was bottled in mid December, 1999 and bottle aged in our cellar for just under a year until release on November 22, 2000. We look for this wine to continue to develop in bottle over the next several years with optimum fruit and wood integration beginning to manifest 4 or 5 years out. Upon release, the wood elements are pronounced and tend to dominate, but very fine fruit lurks beneath the surface. Only 177 cases made. A special and rare wine produced from fruit grown in the Clayton vineyard located north of Lubbock in the Texas Panhandle.
  Le Grand Louis
Full-bodied, deeply colored red wine from the classic wine grape of the northern Rhone aged in American oak. Tasting notes: Appearance: Deep red-purple almost inky Aroma: Floral-perfumey aromas with hints of nutmeg and fruit seduce the senses--an invitation. Taste: Tastes of rich, ripe fruit (plum, black cherry) predominates and continue to build in intensity before giving way to a long finish--hinting of toast and spice. Soft but ample tannins make it remarkably drinkable upon release. Will be hard to set aside, but should be well worth a long and careful cellaring.
  Le Trolley
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana - Blanc Du Bois (100%). Silver Medal 2003 Florida State Fair International Wine Competition. Silver Medal 200Eastern International Wine Competition. The Blanc Du Bois wine grape (an Euro-American cross) has become the mainstay of Louisiana fine white wine production. Our Le Trolley wines are inspired by and recall the wonderful dry white wines of the Alsatian and Loire Valley regions of France, and in the current vintage, some of the exciting aspects of the sauvignon blanc based wines from New Zealand. They are very compatible with the savory dishes of south Louisiana, especially those including oysters and freshly caught Gulf fish prepared with rich sauces. Matches very well with soft ripened, triple cream cheeses. Serve moderately chilled (50º - 55º F). Tasting notes: Appearance: light/white gold with a touch of green
  Rouge Militaire
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, Cynthiana/Norton (100%). A distinctive red wine produced from a uniquely American varietal (a cultivar of vitis aestivalis) which was grown here in St. Tammany Parish prior to Prohibition, now being rediscovered across America and starting to show its world class wine potential. The wines we have produced thus far tend to suggest Burgundy
  Rouge Militaire Reserve
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Eight barrels (about two hundred cases) of this vintage were selected for special further handling.Tasting Notes: Appearance--Clear with a deep garnet color. Aromas-- Complex with hints of spice (cloves) and red fruit (plum, some berry). Taste--Intense forward attack that includes tastes of berry, stone fruit, earth and spice. The flavors crescendo to create an intense mid palate. The finish is rounded and smooth, reflecting its maturity.
  Roux Saint Louis
Tanque IX - St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana - Blanc Du Bois (100%). Almost irresistible, this delicious, fruity wine is the perfect accompaniment to well-seasoned south Louisiana, southwestern U. S. and Asian foods, or delightful as an apéritif. Serve well-chilled. Tasting notes: Appearance: Light golden clarity. Aroma: Alluringly floral with hints of apple, and tropical fruit. Taste: Consistent with its aroma, its taste is bright, medium to light bodied and fruity, with hints of mango, apple and melon. The finish is smooth and refreshing, making it an inviting and accessible wine.
A medium-bodied red wine, with an abundance of personality, showing classic Zinfandel characteristics. Appearance--Medium-light colored garnet with gem-like clarity. Aroma-- Red bell-pepper combines with red fruit essence and hints of spice. Taste-- An introduction of soft, plummy fruit gives way to a burst of spice (black pepper) as the middle palate develops with a round-fruit and well-balanced taste. The finish recalls pleasant wood notes and is quite smooth and lingering.
  Zydeco Rosato
Another creation unique to the land of the bayou in the style of a classic dry French rose'. Serve fairly well-chilled. Tasting notes: Appearance: Razor sharp clarity that dazzles with a salmon-pink color and hints of orange--recalling a sunset over Lake Pontchartrain. Aroma--Like the scent of perfume behind a woman's ear, its aroma is exotic and enticing--tropical fruit (kiwi, mango), spice (ginger, allspice, with a hint of candy--Red Hots!). Taste--An initial smoothness, from the nose to the tongue, seduces the senses, but watch out--the finish will surprise you! Bright, rich, full-bodied, and sophisticated, its taste crescendos from subtle to bold like a well-ripened grapefruit. It's a wine to dance with, and a wine for the young at heart. From its legs, to its aroma and taste, Zydeco Rosato is…well, sexy!


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Pontchartrain Vineyards' 2004 Rouge Militaire [Norton] wine – a bouquet of acetone with a deep burning taste that can completely dehydrate one’s oral cavity in moments. I’m not sure what the color is, but it ain’t rouge. Yep, another plain wishful thinking American Rogue Norton wannabes. Additional note, we were so shocked by this tasting, we opted to buy a second bottle to make sure we had not simply purchased a badly bottled example. Second bottle was the same as the first tasting. Uhhhhh.