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Wenwood Farm Winery

Wenwood Farm Winery Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Wenwood Farm Winery is a fourth generation family farm. A former dairy, Wenwood Farm produced award winning Guernsey cattle for many years. Now, this generation's owners, Laura Neese and Thomas Kalb, will produce another time-honored beverage - wine. We offer a full range of fine wines - hearty dry reds, semi-sweet blushes, sweet German-style whites, and more - made by our winemaker, Tom, who has over 20 years of winemaking experience. Tom has worked in several wineries, both here in Missouri and in his home state of Wisconsin. You can also look forward to seeing former cattle barns transformed into a beautiful showroom, and outdoor open-air pavilion, and a functioning production area. Wenwood Farm Winery is located midway between the Hermann and St. James Wine Districts, just a few scenic miles off Highway 50 outside of the small village of Mt. Sterling. An hour and a half west of the St. Louis metro area, just over an hour northeast of the Lake of the Ozarks

From US Highway 50 at Mt. Sterling, travel south on State Highway A 4.6 miles. Turn east on Brick Church Road, and travel 1 mile to Wenwood Farm Winery. See our website for a detailed map, as well as additional and scenic routes.

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1132 Brick Church Road, Bland, MO, US, 65014 Email:
Phone: 573-437-3443 Web:
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Baurenhofan is a light bodied dry red wine with a slightly fruity finish. Done in a German Rotwein style, this is a great wine with charcoaled foods, light bodied dinners, and smoked meats and cheeses.
  Baurenhofan Reserve
Our 2004 release of the 2002 vintage. Produced in limited quantities, our Reserve is handcrafted in the sur lie technique, in which the wine is left on the lees during aging and bottled unfiltered to add a touch of zest. Aged in small oak barrels, the wine is bottled with precise timing to ensure optimum flavor. The use of diverse styles of oak barrels, including locally made Missouri oak, compliments the velvety texture and rich fruit composition of the wine. Dark berry, vanilla, and chocolate tones blend together in layers of flavor complexity, providing a full bodied structure and a smooth, lingering finish.
  Creek Bed Red
TRACTOR WINE IS BACK!!!! Our limited summer release, Creek Bed Red is a fun, sassy red wine, made from the Concord grape. Sweet and fruity, with a beautiful deep red color, it's great with dessert, or to sip by itself. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT - AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND AS OF MARCH 2006! SILVER MEDAL WINNER; 2005 Indy International Wine Competition (third largest wine competition in the country)
Fragaria is a beautiful sweet blush with a hint of strawberry. This sweet favorite is a wonderful after-dinner wine or afternoon sipping wine - delicious with fruit!
In semi sweet Kirsch, cherry gives a white grape wine a vibrant red color and a refreshing kick of fruitiness. Also pairs well with spicy foods, or fresh fruit and cheese plates.
  Kran Rosé
In Kran Rosé, a semi dry white grape wine is transformed into a lovely rosé treat by adding a hint of cranberry. With a beautiful color and a fresh fruitiness, Kran Rosé pleases with spicy dishes, appetizers, or soft cheeses such as bleu or feta.
Landsitzwein is a crisp, clean dry white with citrus tones and a pleasing tartness in the finish. The perfect dinner wine for any occasion; similar in style to a Sauvignon Blanc.
  Redbud Ridge
Sweet, ruby colored and delicious, this wine is made in very limited quantities to celebrate the spring season. With its velvety texture and subtle sweetness, its popularity is widespread.
Faithful vintage in German, this lovely sweet spatlese-style wine has a delicious creamy, sweet start, luscious fruit tones in the middle, and the slightly tart finish that is the hallmark of sweeter German wines. Perfect for dessert with fresh pears, or all by itself.


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